Stroll arounda neighborhoodfullof joy

Shibuya Sakura Stage is the new hot spot for viewing cherry blossoms, or sakura.
Walk along cherry tree-lined streets filled with magnificent blossoms, as well as giant yamazakura trees that tower over the pedestrians below.
Here, the cherry blossoms are reflected in the design of the urban landscape,
which takes inspiration from their transient beauty.
Everywhere you look, you can sense the love people have for these delicate flowers.

The people who come to enjoy the cherry blossoms are as diverse as the petals falling around them.
People who know the area like the back of their hand cross paths with complete newcomers,
while the atmosphere of the neighborhood of old blends
perfectly with the landscape of the new.
Each person brings with them a piece of their own joy to Sakuragaoka, 
with new communities and culture
emerging from the area.

Everyone is invited to become a part of the lively neighborhood of Sakuragaoka,
a place where young and old
can work together to create a new Shibuya. 
Discover music, art, street performances,
and so much more. 
The things you love will add a new layer of vibrance to the community.

Welcome to Sakuragaoka, where enjoyment can be found around every corner,
and where the joy of exploration is part of the fun.


Discovera plethora
 of entertainment.

At the entrance to Shibuya Sakura Stage,
you are welcomed by a building adorned with vivid pink circles and lines,
which represent light filtering through cherry blossoms, 
swirling winds carrying dancing petals, and warm, enveloping breezes. 
The scenery from our imagination created
by the cherry blossoms spreads across one side of the building.
Meanwhile, the large atrium of the TOKIMEKI STAGE
features a mosaic of LED lights
that create a welcoming space flowing with information and insight
at the entrance to Sakuragaoka, 
filling visitors with excitement and beckoning them to enter.

Further along is the bustling heart of Sakuragaoka,
home to a new Shibuya landmark, "SHIBU S",
which shines in pink.
Groups of people gather together among nature, grabbing lunch at a table
and catching up with friends.
If you are lucky,
you might catch a live performance or two.
In this comfortable, relaxing urban oasis complete
with green lawns, water features, and illuminations,
people from all walks of life can come together
and enjoy the things that make them happy.


Leave the hustle and bustle behind as you
enter a dreamy space surrounded by rich, verdant greenery.
This is real living nature in the heart of the city with the earthy aroma of soil,
where tall yamazakura trees stand among orchards and vegetable gardens.
In summer, the lawns help to cool things down, 
while in winter, the trees are lit up
to create a warm and cozy feeling.
Here, even the busiest people can enjoy
a moment of peace and tranquility.

Shibuya’s Sakuragaoka neighborhood has been reborn.
Revealing new shades and dimensions each time you visit,
the area invites you to share newfound surprises
and delights with people from all across society.

shibuya sakura stage