Yoichi Ochiai “Phantom Resonance of nulled cherry blossoms”
Yoichi Ochiai “Phantom Resonance of nulled cherry blossoms”

Yoichi Ochiai “Phantom Resonance of nulled cherry blossoms”

3F event space “BLOOM GATE” ZONE A/B

Yoichi Ochiai uses real-time generation AI and new technology to depict the changing appearance of the cherry blossoms, the symbol of the Sakuragaoka area, in the Sakuragaoka area, a place he has had a connection with since his student days.


<Work concept>
His youth passes in an instant, and he reaches an old age with gray hair. People's activities do not change from day to day, but time passes and life is like a dream. The massless cherry blossoms in computer nature also move back and forth between the massy cherry blossoms, and in this coming and going, people's lives and activities continue to be linked. This work transforms the environment and the infinite reflection LED mirror in real time using generative AI, and depicts the resonant appearance of cherry blossoms in computer nature.



photo: Jun Sugawara


Implementation period: February 27th (Tuesday) - March 24th (Sunday) 10:00 - 18:00 [Free admission]


Equipment provision/technical cooperation: Seibido Co., Ltd., X-Gate Co., Ltd.


[Yoichi Ochiai Profile]

Media artist. Born in 1987, began his career as a writer around 2010. His works are based on the motif of objectification, transformation, and aspiration for mass in border areas. Associate professor at the University of Tsukuba, theme project producer for the 2025 Japan International Expo (Osaka/Kansai Expo).

Recent exhibitions include “My Small Heart for You”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 2020, “Ars Electronica”, Austria, 2021, “Leica Sometimes Sunny”, Leica Gallery Tokyo/Kyoto, 2023, and “Nur-an: Noisoku is Jaku ∞ Jaku” Sokuzeresai” Gallery & Restaurant Behind the Scenes/Tokyo, 2024 and many others.