Sa Expo 2024
Sa Expo 2024

Sa Expo 2024

2024.3.30~2024.3.31 11:00-20:00

"Sa Expo" is an exposition that brings together various cultures related to saunas.

The ``NIPPON SAUNA'' exhibition conveys to the world the sauna culture that has developed uniquely in Japan.

Sauna University is a sauna university where you can learn passionately and deeply from famous sauna-related people.

The ``Sa Meshi'' area brings together curry from popular establishments.

"Sa Haku no Riddle" used the entire area, including Shibuya SAUNAS.

The two days will also be filled with activities such as the sale of original SA Expo goods.


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We will deliver content unique to "Sa Expo", where the current state of sauna culture is brought together in one place.


In addition, this event will be held in conjunction with the "Shibuya Sakura Stage Shibuya Sakura Festival" which will be held from March 10th and is sponsored by TOKYU LAND CORPORATION, which is the title sponsor of "Sa Expo", and the venue will be "Shibuya Sakura Stage" and "Shibuya Sakura Festival". , "SACS (Shibuya Art Collection Store)", an event space on the 1st floor of the Sakuragaoka Front Building in front of the same facility, "Baguchika", a live streaming space on the 1st basement floor, and "Shibuya SAUNAS". The event will be held using the entire Sakuragaoka area.




[Date and time]

March 30th (Sat) and 31st (Sun) 2024 11:00-20:00

*NIPPON SAUNA exhibition only until April 1st (Monday)



Shibuya Sakura Stage, SACS Baguchika (Sakuragaoka Front Building), Shibuya SAUNAS


【Admission fees】


*"Sa University" and "Sa Expo Riddles" are paid programs and advance reservations are required.


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