3F Event Space "BLOOM GATE" ZONE A/B


This event is a borderless extension of "GAME JAM," an improvisational game development event held in the video game community, where various creators, not bound by game genres, come together to create a single work.


Creators and artists active in the fields of gaming, XR, and media art will team up and complete their works over three days from May 10th to 12th.


The theme of the production is "OPEN WORLD". In the world of games, instead of clearing stages in a set order, "OPEN WORLD" refers to exploring various stages and areas in the game yourself and enjoying the game by moving between them. Focusing on the meaning of this word and the common point of creators and artists freely moving between their respective fields to create works, the work will be produced with the theme of "OPEN WORLD". Participation of Noboru Hotta, Hiroki Ishibashi, and Takuhiro Miyazawa of make.ctrl.Japan, who are active as game creators, has already been confirmed. With the cooperation of the Technical Directors Association Instagram Department, the participation of up-and-coming technical artists has been confirmed, and BAN8KU of PIXEL ARTIST from SHIBUYA PIXEL ART has also announced his participation, raising expectations for what kind of work will be created by the combination of each individual's individuality.


This event is being held in collaboration with the spatial layer platform "STYLY," and will provide technical support, as well as collaborate with "NEWVIEW," an XR creator discovery and training project run by STYLY, PARCO, and Loftwork, and will also feature the participation of Discont, who has published works on STYLY. Following the release of Apple Vision Pro in February this year, interest in the field of XR is growing, and the event will expand the creative field to realize the creation of works with a wider range of expressions.


The event is being hosted by 404 Not Found, a global creation hub that will open this summer on the 4th floor of Shibuya Sakura Stage. As a place for indie creators working in various cultural fields such as games, art, music, and food to come together, the facility plans to hold a variety of events, including exhibitions, workshops, live music, and pop-up restaurants. This year's 404 CREATIVE JAM #00OPEN WORLD will be held as a pre-event prior to the facility's opening, and is planned to be held regularly as a series of events that embody the spirit of 404 Not Found after the opening.

In addition, to coincide with the grand opening, we are planning an event called “404 CREATIVE JAM” where you can experience XR content and games created using STYLY.

Additionally, in conjunction with "404 CREATIVE JAM - #00 OPEN WORLD", a talk session will be held on Sunday, May 12th. Players who are engaged in unique initiatives in various fields will talk about topics unique to Shibuya. In addition, in a special session by the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), a non-profit organization that cooperates with "CREATIVE JAM", a VIPO representative will talk about how JLOX+ subsidies (support for overseas localization and promotion, pre-production support) available to game companies and others can be applied to creative activities. Please look forward to this talk event that will expand the possibilities for creators. (Details of the talk topic and performers will be announced at a later date.)


■Event Overview
・Event name: 404 CREATIVE JAM – #00 OPEN WORLD-
・Organizer: 404 Not Found
・Co-hosted by: STYLY
Sponsored by: Kibidango, Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
Date and time: Friday, May 10th to Sunday, May 12th, 2024
- Location: Shibuya Sakura Stage 3F BLOOM GATE
Participating creators (J. Syllabary order): Hiroki Ishibashi (game director), Ouga (media designer), Satoru Kagawa (director/animator), Discont (artist/creative director), TOCHKA (Monno Kazue/Nagata Takeshi artist unit), BAN8KU (PIXEL ARTIST), Noboru Hotta (Core Eight Inc. game creator/artist), Hantai Matsumaru (Skeletoncrewstudio CTO), Takuhiro Miyazawa (game creator), Tsubasa Yoba (PARTY Inc Technical Artist), and more.
*During the event, there will also be an exhibition area for past works by participating artists at the production venue.

■404 CREATIVE JAM Talk Session Overview
①STYLY ×404 Not Found Talk Session
② Shibuya Pixel Art Talk Session
3. VIPO Presents JLOX + Subsidy (Overseas Localization & Promotion Support, Pre-Production Support) Talk Session


■ About 404 Not Found
This is a creative hub for indie creators that will open in July on the 4th floor of Shibuya Sakura Stage. Aiming to be a mecca for indie creators active in various cultural fields such as games, art, music and food, it will support creators' creative activities and create opportunities for co-creation between creators by hosting a variety of events such as exhibitions, workshops, live music and pop-up restaurants.

The approximately 150m2 floor will house an event space with an LED display over 10m wide, a sales and cafe space, a kitchen and restaurant space, and a streaming studio, allowing creators to engage in creative activities regardless of genre.

Official website: https://www.404shibuya.tokyo/


■About 404 Not Found, the project's planning and management, and the Shibuya Asobiba Production Committee
The Shibuya Play Area Production Committee was established in June 2023 by Tokyu Real Estate and creators and producers active in the creative field with the aim of "treating Shibuya as a huge play area and creating a new creative scene." Utilizing the diverse connections and networks of the members of the association, we will plan and manage "404 Not Found," a mecca for indie creators that will be created within Shibuya Sakura Stage. By revitalizing "Shibuya Sakura Stage," we will promote and propose new urban attractions for the entire Sakuragaoka - Daikanyama - Ebisu - Harajuku area.


■About Shibuya Sakura Stage
Shibuya Sakura Stage (Shibuya Sakura Stage) is a complex that will be completed in November 2023 and will open sequentially, attracting attention as a new next-generation landmark in Shibuya, which is scheduled to fully open this summer. Spread over an area of approximately 2.6 hectares in the Sakuragaoka area, adjacent to Shibuya Station and with good access to Daikanyama and Ebisu, the facility consists of offices, commercial facilities, residences, etc., and aims to be a vibrant city where diverse generations live and visit.
Official website: https://www.shibuya-sakura-stage.com/


■About STYLY, Inc.
STYLY Inc. is a company that provides the spatial layer platform "STYLY" in the era of "Spatial Computing = Wearing Space". With XR as its core technology, we aim to liberate the creativity of people and companies, and contribute to the evolution of humanity by creating new culture and industry.
Official site: https://styly.inc/


It was launched in January 2018 as an experimental project/community to pioneer new creative expressions and experience designs in 3D space. In addition to launching experimental works with artists from various genres and presenting new expressions to society, it also runs the "NEWVIEW AWARDS" and the "NEWVIEW SCHOOL" art school where XR is studied as a comprehensive art form, discovering, nurturing, interacting with and disseminating information about the next generation of creators in the age of Spatial Computing (=wearing space).
Official site: https://newview.design/