CTIS Kindergarten,

CTIS Kindergarten, Shibuya
CTIS Kindergarten, Shibuya
Kindergarten department (unlicensed childcare facility) of CTIS Co., Ltd., which operates an international school in Minami-Azabu.

In addition to office workers, we provide support for raising children with preschool children between the ages of 2 and 5, aimed at business people staying for medium to long periods and residents in the surrounding area. The educational philosophy is ``While learning academics, students acquire the skills and knowledge to survive in society.'' Although we are located in Shibuya, we foster children who can adapt to changes in nationality, race, diversity, and the times while cherishing their home country in an environment surrounded by lush nature. While firmly acquiring the basics of communication such as language and social skills, students will enhance their inquisitiveness through art and science, and hone their sensitivity and expressiveness.
Scheduled to open in April 2024